Valspar Paint and Resin Manufacturing Facility Demolition

Valspar Paint and Resin Manufacturing Facility Demolition

Glendenning, NSW
Sherwin Williams
7 months
Completed 2019


Liberty Industrial was engaged to decommission and demolish the former Valspar Paint and Resin Manufacturing Facility. The scope of works included demolition to existing grade and removal of all equipment, building materials, structural steel and wiring of Paint/Resin manufacturing building, large tank farm, wastewater treatment plant and support buildings such as the dangerous goods store, maintenance workshop and waterbased technology plant. Structures to be retained included all building concrete foundations and slabs on the ground, retaining walls, pavement and roads at the site.


  • The site contained various dangerous goods that were highly flammable.
  • Extensive presence of Asbestos.

Robust Solutions/Exceptional Outcomes

Robust solutions

  • Live services such as the domestic and fire hydrant water supplies and the gas and electrical supply line were disconnected. The switchroom and two transformers were protected.
  • Due to the flammable nature of the materials stored onsite, all tanks and process vessels were ventilated, cleaned in place and cut into manageable sections with a non-sparking cold-cutting process.
  • The main 4 storey paint/resin building was demolished using the 48-tonne Volvo excavator with a 24m high reach arm and 5t shear attachment.
  • All Asbestos-containing insulation in the electrical boards were removed safely.
  • Environmental controls such as a rainwater division from the Paint/Resin building and firewater pond were implemented.
  • Various scrap materials across the site were removed and recycled.
  • Marine diving works were carried out to cut and remove the pump house located in the firewater pond.
  • Concrete crushing of 7000t of demolished masonry material.
  • Backfill of the caustic and wastewater pit, processing vessel pit, cooling tower pit and the former tank farm area void.
  • A stabilisation wall made of soil nails, mesh and sprayed shotcrete was designed and constructed across the elevation to protect the exposed embankment on the northern and eastern elevations of the building.

Exceptional outcomes

Liberty Industrial completed the project to the agreed schedule and with zero incidents.

Value Add


Closure Consulting

Long-term closure planning, budgets and redevelopment strategies for redundant sites, including Early Contractor Involvement and detailed estimates.


Demolition Simulation and Modelling

With exclusive license to demonstrate using Extreme Loading® for Structures (ELS) software developed by Applied Sciences International (ASI).



Use of best approach demolition and dismantling such as explosive using world class fleet, safety and engineering methodologies in explosives and rigging.


Decontamination and Industrial Cleaning

Designing engineered solutions for decontamination such as removal of asbestos, heavy metals, PCBs, dioxins, PFAS and NORMs.


Ground and Waste Water Treatment

Treatment of a wide range of contaminants and complex water treatment and soil vapour extraction.


Asset and Resource Recovery

Comprehensive waste and recycling management to contribute to the circular economy to extend the lifecycle of materials.


Managing PFAS in Site Closure Remediation


Bioremediation for Closure


Demolition and recycling phase completed for first major closure project for Rio Tinto at Argyle Diamond Mine, WA.

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