Staff demolishing a structure using an Oxy Cutter at the Wallerawang Power Station
Scientist examining a bag of soil sample in the lab

Contaminated Soil

Depending on the type and concentration of soil contamination, Liberty Industrial is capable of executing one of several treatment options, including:

  • Insitu bioremediation
  • Soil washing
  • Active and passive biopiling
  • Soil vapour extraction
  • Solidification
  • Immobilisation
  • Chemical fixation and chemical oxidation
  • Lab and site treatment trials


Bioremediation technology harnesses the power of microorganisms to degrade pollutants, offering sustainable solutions for oil spills, industrial waste and contaminated sites.  

Liberty Industrial has successfully completed several projects utilising bioremediation techniques to treat contaminants to below laboratory reporting limits, ensuring surrounding environments are kept in optimal conditions. 

Our team have knowledge and expertise to deliver world class solutions that facilitate the restoration of clean, safe ground systems that allow communities and their ecosystems to thrive.  

During pre-tender phase the team undertakes various trials to determine the most suitable surfactant and solvent mixture to increase the bioavailability of bitumen compounds, monitoring soil and making required adjustments throughout the project lifestyle. 

The versatility and effectiveness of bioremediation systems makes it possible to treat a wide range of contaminants, including: 

  • Asbestos 
  • Hydrocarbons  
  • Heavy metals and more

This makes it a highly adaptable and efficient solution for remediation projects.

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PFAS Remediation

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a group of synthetic chemicals widely used for their resistance to heat, water and oil. PFAS has been found to cause significant environmental and health concerns, and have been found in air, water, soil and foods. PFAS is found in a lot of sources, and every country has its own regulations to curb the impact of these hazardous compounds.

Successfully managing PFAS contamination demands meticulous planning, specialised expertise and strict adherence to environmental protocols to protect affected communities.


Precinct East remediation site

Asbestos Removal and Decontamination

Liberty Industrial has a comprehensive understanding of regulatory requirements to remediate contaminated sites. We hold the necessary insurances and licences to legally and safely undertake all facets of excavation, handling and management of asbestos-impacted material, including soils.

Our team has developed innovative methodologies for the remediation of asbestos in soil including:

  • Spreading, picking and removal
  • Waste picking lines and screening operations
  • Design of emplacement cells
  • Relocation and capping of impacted soils
Argyle Diamond Mine remediation site

Minimise environmental impact

Engineered landfill cells allow for a secure final disposal place for solid waste, using leading-edge technology and materials to ensure the construction of the cells provides long-term stability. Liberty Industrial designs and constructs engineered landfills that comply with environmental preservation requirements.

Engineered landfills are best used to dispose of the following materials and waste:

  • Non-hazardous materials 
  • Hazardous materials and contaminants
Ground and waste water treatment facility

Ground and waste water treatment

Liberty Industrial offers a diverse range of remediation solutions for contaminated wastewater, groundwater and surface water treatment, containment and management.

Our team can assist with the design and operation of water treatment systems that treat a wide range of contaminants.

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