Rig dismantling a section of the Munmorah Power Station
Munmorah Power Station being demolished through explosive demolition

Explosive demolition

Liberty Industrial is a leading explosive demolition contractor. We have an in-house team of qualified explosive engineers and shot firers with a proven track record of demolishing large-scale, heavy industrial structures, including:

  • Process plants and infrastructure
  • Power station boiler Houses and chimney stacks
  • Mineral processing infrastructure
  • Communication towers
High reach demolition in action on Douglas Mine demolition site

High reach demolition

Investing in state-of-the-art plant and equipment ensures we can safely and efficiently deliver even the most technically challenging decommissioning, demolition and remediation projects, including multi-storey and high-rise buildings, chimney stacks, masts and industrial structures such as power stations, oil refineries and heavy mining infrastructure.

Hanson Batching Plant being demolished through mechanical demolition

Mechanical demolition

Utilising the most advanced technology, plant and equipment in combination with our ability to leverage the best operators in the business ensures we deliver projects in a safe, professional and efficient manner. Owning and maintaining one of the largest ranges of plant and equipment allows us to mobilise anywhere in the world, even in some of the most remote locations.

  • Owned and operated in-house
  • Rapid deployment to site
  • Innovative, cost-effective methodologies
Hismelt Kwinana being demolished through induced collapse demolition

Induced collapse demolition

Liberty Industrial executes the mechanically induced demolition of large industrial structures and industrial infrastructure such as power station turbine halls, refinery infrastructure, coal bins, conveyors, chimney stack and communications towers.

This involves a carefully designed and calculated sequence of structural pre-weakening methodologies, followed by the application of sufficient force to induce a controlled collapse. The sequencing may include the pulling out of structural columns or connecting high-capacity steel pull ropes to the pre-weakened structure and generating enough horizontal force to enable the structure to rotate and collapse over itself.

Staff dismantling the Gladstone Air Separation Unit

Dismantling and asset recovery

We realise maximum value from a wide range of reusable plant, process equipment and scrap materials. We also have an extensive network of asset resale and resource recovery partners to negotiate the sale of unwanted or disused assets.

We provide all facets of the chain of custody to facilitate the process of logistics for packaging, transporting and shipping of assets and ensuring structures are easily match marked for reconstruction.

Excavator clearing scraps on the Wallerawang Power Station demolition site

Resource recovery and recycling

Decommissioning, in essence adheres with the principles of the circular economy, removing redundant infrastructure and upcycling or recycling 95-98% of the materials into new products and materials for return into the supply chain.

We take a resourceful and innovative approach to project delivery, ensuring waste is managed responsibly and sustainably. We have established a national network of waste recovery and recycling resources to ensure we optimise salvage and recovery value to deliver positive commercial outcomes for all. This includes

  • Processing and recycling
  • Segregation and salvage
  • Resale and reuse options
Staff accessing the top of the Munmorah Power Station through rope access solutions

Rope access solutions

As a safe alternative for working at heights, Rope access is a flexible, cost-effective and efficient method of accessing difficult locations without the use of scaffolding, cranes or elevated work platforms. A twin rope access system is ideal for accessing hazardous and confined spaces often present in industrial environments with minimum disruption.

Liberty Industrial has a fully qualified and experienced in-house rope access team. They are trained and certified in confined space entry and friable asbestos removal and hold tickets for various types of high-risk work.

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