Staff inspecting the Boodarie Hot Briquette Iron Ore Plant Closure site

Boodarie Hot Briquette Iron Ore Plant Closure

Boodarie, WA
BHP Billiton
12 months
Completed 2012


BHP Billiton Iron Ore commissioned Liberty Industrial to demolish the briquetting and reactor structures together with the adjacent gas plant. The reactor, the tallest structure on-site, at 104m high represented the largest demolition project ever undertaken in the Southern Hemisphere.


  • This landmark facility in the Pilbara region of Western Australia was one of BHP’s top 10 risks worldwide.

Robust Solutions/Exceptional Outcomes

Robust solutions

  • Meticulous planning and consultation at the onset to develop a precise and safe demolition methodology.
  • Use of 3D modelling simulation software.
  • Use of a combination of techniques from pre-weakening cuts to allow mechanically induced collapses, to oxy cutting and controlled explosives implosions.
  • Provision of state-of-the-art demolition equipment, including Liberty Industrial’s heavy-duty customised 230t Liebherr 994 complete with the world’s largest shear attachment − the Genesis GXT 2555R to downsize and process the scrap metal.


Exceptional outcomes

  • The project was masterfully executed as planned to the client’s complete satisfaction, on budget, on schedule and without issue or injury.
  • Liberty Industrial was the first Australian company to reach the finals of the 2012 World Demolition Awards when the Boodarie HBI Closure project was shortlisted.
  • The project was shortlisted again at the 2013 World Demolition Awards in the Industrial Demolition category.

Value Add


Demolition Simulation and Modelling

With exclusive license to demonstrate using Extreme Loading® for Structures (ELS) software developed by Applied Sciences International (ASI).



Use of best approach demolition and dismantling such as explosive using world class fleet, safety and engineering methodologies in explosives and rigging.


Decontamination and Industrial Cleaning

Designing engineered solutions for decontamination such as removal of asbestos, heavy metals, PCBs, dioxins, PFAS and NORMs.


Asset and Resource Recovery

Comprehensive waste and recycling management to contribute to the circular economy to extend the lifecycle of materials.



  • 2012 World Demolition Awards, Industrial Demolition Award - Shortlist
  • 2013 World Demolition Awards, Industrial Demolition Award - Shortlist

Managing PFAS in Site Closure Remediation


Bioremediation for Closure


Demolition and recycling phase completed for first major closure project for Rio Tinto at Argyle Diamond Mine, WA.

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