Oil and Gas

Rig demolishing a section of the Clyde Oil Refinery

As we transition to cleaner energy solutions, the reduced dependency on the oil and gas industry will require these facilities to pivot their purpose and enter into a new phase.

There is an increased need to responsibly decommission these facilities and ensure they adhere to the principles of the Circular Economy. Therefore, closure of these facilities often requires comprehensive closure planning and subsequent decommissioning, decontamination, deconstruction and remediation.

Rig lifting container onto a ship for transport

Asset Decommissioning

Liberty Industrial meet the specific needs of the onshore and offshore oil and gas asset decommissioning market. Combining past expertise and present capability allows us to offer an end-to-end service focused on operational efficiencies and risk reduction. This includes:

  • Offshore Project Consultancy Services – Early Contractor Involvement (ECI)
  • Onshore Dismantling, Removal and Recycling
  • Cleaning, Management and Removal of NORM, Mercury, LSA, Asbestos and other Hazardous Materials
  • Suitably Equipped Onshore Dismantling Facilities – Decommissioning Hub
View Project LI_236_Wallerwang PS_P11_External Use

Port Stanvac Oil Refinery Demolition and Remediation

View Project LI_240_PKGT_P01_External Use

Port Kembla Gas Terminal Demolition and Remediation

View Project LI_606_Hay Point Terminal SABR_P01_External Use

Hay Point Terminal – Disassembly and Disposal of Shiploader and Berth 2 Replacement Project

OMSB Port Facility Render

APAC Alliance

Our Australian port infrastructure and management alliance partner is Onslow Port Services (OPS), which operates the Port of Onslow – Beadon Creek (POBC). The facility was developed in recognition of the strategic need for port infrastructure in Onslow, which is situated at the epicentre of a significant cluster of onshore and offshore assets.

Liberty Industrial demolishing a harbour site

UK & EU Alliance

Liberty Industrial (Liberty) and Petersons Energy Logistics (Petersons) have established an offshore decommissioning facility for oil and gas, wind farm and offshore assets at the Outer Harbour Great Yarmouth.

  • Ideally situated within reach of major assets
  • Capable of running multiple projects simultaneously
  • Cost-effective, safe and sustainable project delivery

integrated capability responsible decommissioning

decommissioning closure and asset liability consulting

consulting risk management engineered solutions 3d simulation

and simulation liberty modelling dismantling and asset

dismantling and asset recovery synchronised safety

deconstruction resource recovery and recycling expert delivery

high expert industrial delivery reach consulting

expert delivery high reach explosive induced collapse

collapse specialised contracting decontamination

decontamination cleaning remediation environmental stewards

stewards risk mitigation and management waste disposal

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