Rig breaking down the WRP Kulwin Ouyen Process Plant

WRP Kulwin Ouyen Process Plant Demolition

Ouyen, VIC
Iluka Resources
4 months
Completed 2019


Iluka Resources commissioned Liberty Industrial for demolition works across two sites (WRP and Kulwin) that were critical to future rehabilitation plans of Woornack, Rownack and Pirro mining and concentrating operations. The site works included the removal of the Wet Concentrator Plant, WHIMS Building, Spiral Concentrator Building, Tails treatment building and thickeners, Flocculant Plant, Lime Plant, Process Water Dams, Mining Unit MU10, all redundant services and approximately 70km of poly pipes.


  • Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) – a dedicated Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) was appointed to survey all recyclable and waste materials.

Robust Solutions/Exceptional Outcomes

Robust solutions

  • All scrap and poly pipes with NORM readings above the statutory limits, a pressure washer setup was utilised to remove the radioactive material. Following the cleaning process the items would be re-tested and any items which still had high NORM readings were stockpiled and made ready for disposal to a licenced facility. All loads were tracked from point-to point.
  • Key structural demolition works were carried out using Liberty Industrial’s 120t high-reach excavator with a 990R Genesis shear attachment which was able to comfortably reach the top of each structure and progressively demolish them to the ground.
  • The poly pipe was cut, cleaned and loaded in 20-metre lengths for reuse in nearby farms and any remaining poly pipes were delivered to a recycling yard in Adelaide.
  • Large TSF Settlement ponds were lined with 7.5km of poly dam liners. These were later tested and cleared for NORM contamination and removed using excavators with grab attachments and loaded out to a recycling facility.
  • All concrete was transported to the WRP site for further processing and removed to a local recycling facility.

Exceptional outcomes

Based on the successful completion of works at the WRP project and other contracts undertaken for Iluka Resources, Liberty Industrial was awarded Iluka’s Douglas Mine Site Demolition Project also located in Victoria.

Value Add


Closure Consulting

Long-term closure planning, budgets and redevelopment strategies for redundant sites, including Early Contractor Involvement and detailed estimates.


Demolition Simulation and Modelling

With exclusive license to demonstrate using Extreme Loading® for Structures (ELS) software developed by Applied Sciences International (ASI).



Use of best approach demolition and dismantling such as explosive using world class fleet, safety and engineering methodologies in explosives and rigging.


Asset and Resource Recovery

Comprehensive waste and recycling management to contribute to the circular economy to extend the lifecycle of materials.


Managing PFAS in Site Closure Remediation


Bioremediation for Closure


Demolition and recycling phase completed for first major closure project for Rio Tinto at Argyle Diamond Mine, WA.

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decommissioning closure and asset liability consulting

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