Local and Aboriginal Engagement

Liberty Industrial's Commitment to local Engagement

At Liberty Industrial, our strategy focuses on mutually beneficial initiatives for engaging communities. Our approach to First Nations participation is based on actively engaging with local communities, leader to leader, prior to tendering for work, to identify opportunities for local businesses and individuals to contribute to project delivery.   

The key objective on any Liberty Industrial project is to facilitate opportunities for local contractors and individuals, with the intention to contribute to the economic wellbeing of the region throughout the duration of the project. This is realised through procurement policies and procedures that reflect our long-term commitment to ensuring locally owned and operated businesses and individuals share the economic and capacity building benefits our projects bring to the regions we work in. 

We support initiatives that assist and elevate all local and Indigenous businesses in improving their capacity and resilience, and individuals in education and training for sustainable long-term skills and employment opportunities. This includes identifying and directly assisting in opportunities prior to commencing work, during and post project completion.

Healing Country

Liberty Industrial recognises and places great importance on First Nation Cultural Heritage, understanding the profound significance of specific places and objects that represent a deep cultural connection to their history and country – for the people.  

By healing the land and water, we are brought closer to understanding the connection First Nation people have to their country and with that understanding we work towards meaningful engagement with First Nation people.  

The Healing Country Framework ensures the best outcomes for local and Indigenous businesses, communities and land, comprising of the following elements: 

  • Engage Early – Environmental Stewardship and Waste Management 
  • Leader to Leader – Community Growth and Relationships 
  • Listen, Reflect and Share – Economic Strength and Financial Prosperity 
  • Meet Where They Are At – Education and Governance 
  • Engage Regularly – Sustainable Wellbeing and Respect 

In the spirit of reconciliation Liberty Industrial acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea and community. These are the lands we work to heal and the people we listen, reflect and share with. We pay our respect to their Elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today. 


Liberty Industrial has adopted an employment readiness and trainee program that empowers First Nation, local and Indigenous people to unlock the growth potential of their community and local economy. Along with gaining nationally recognised qualifications in the resources and infrastructure industry, the program empowers participants to gain invaluable skills and knowledge, enabling their meaningful involvement in site closure and rehabilitation activities and leaving them with transferable skills to other industries for future jobs. 

Liberty Industrial has already seen the successful employment of First Nations trainees, who achieved their Certificate III in Civil Contracting from the Rio Tinto Argyle Closure Competency Program and went on to full time employment with Liberty Industrial. 

Traditional Owner Business Engagement

Liberty Industrial recognises that Traditional Owner Businesses play a pivotal role in ensuring that sustainable economic prosperity for the community goes beyond closure project completion. 

As such, our employment and procurement policies incorporate strategies for engaging with local businesses and people. The commitment encourages our project delivery teams to give preference to locally sources indigenous businesses, subcontractors and supplier. 

Through transparent and inclusive procurement practices, we aim to strengthen local and First Nation businesses, providing them with a level playing field to compete and participate in our projects’ supply chains. Through meaningful partnerships and collaborations, we strive to enhance economic growth within the local and First Nation communities, thereby contributing to sustainable development and shared prosperity. 


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