Successful traineeships at Argyle Diamond Mine Closure

Successful traineeships at Argyle Diamond Mine Closure

Successful traineeships at Argyle Diamond Mine Closure

Argyle Diamond Mine, WA – Award winning closure company Liberty Industrial has seen the successful employment of First Nations trainees, interviewed after completing their Certificate III in Civil Contracting from the Rio Tinto Argyle Closure Competency Program, to full time employment with Liberty Industrial. The result is the first total completion of the innovative training program for First Nations communities. Launched in 2021, the Liberty Industrial Employment Readiness Trainee Program has been an outstanding success. 

The trainees at Liberty Industrial will remain with the company to complete other projects in the Pilbara and East Arnhem Land while awaiting commencement of SP2.  

Darcy King and Galvin Smiler received extensive, industry specific, in-house training to develop additional skills to operate heavy plant equipment and Oxy Cutting. With ambitions to become mobile plant equipment operators, their experience using the equipment started by jumping into the state-of- the-art Volvo Simulator to complete the virtual modules. Over two years they have progressed to competently operate Telehandlers and Excavators, with mentoring provided under Liberty Industrial’s unique Buddy System. They then received oxy-cutting training and have developed their skills on the job by oxy-cutting in the scrap yard. In addition, they have received their Non-Friable Asbestos ticket and basic demolition awareness, amongst other industry specific accreditations. 

About Liberty Industrial Traineeships 

The Liberty Industrial Employment Readiness and Trainee Program empowers First Nations and local people to unlock the growth potential of their community and local economy. Participants gain invaluable skills and knowledge, enabling their meaningful involvement in site closure and rehabilitation activities and leaving them with transferable skills to other industries for future jobs. 

“Traineeships are one of the ways we leave a sustainable legacy that goes beyond the project sites to providing sustainable capacity- building opportunities for the local communities we work in.” Brett Kirby, WA State Manager. “We believe it is our privilege to provide career opportunities to the First Nation youth of the Kimberley and to further develop their skills within our unique Industry for employment opportunities post closure.”  

About the Argyle Trainees

Darcy King

Darcy King has worked up from Trainee Oxy Cutter to Level 1. When asked about their favourite part of working as a member of the demolition team at the Argyle Diamond Mine Site, Darcy responded “For me, it’s been a really good and new experience on the job as a trainee for the past year. Oxy Cutting was impactful for me. I found it hard at the time until I got used to it, marking sure to take regular breaks and keep fluids up, especially when working on the demolition labour. I have enjoyed working with colleagues who gave lots of direction and support on different techniques. Liberty Industrial has provided clear pathways to me for advancement, especially around training and upskilling.”

Darcy King

Galvin Smiler

Galvin Smiler shared his experience of feeling valued, included and stimulated. “We are a trusted part of the project team. We were given the responsibility to protect the Boab Trees and Boreholes across the demolition site…not every day is the same. We can do a range of different tasks between each week, or even each day!”

Galvin Smiler

Liberty Industrial has an ongoing commitment to meaningful and inclusive engagement, providing employment opportunities, necessary resources and guidance to cultivate a workforce that is diverse and fulfilled for the First Nations communities throughout the closure of Argyle Diamond Mine. 

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