Demolition and recycling phase completed for first major closure project for Rio Tinto at Argyle Diamond Mine, WA.

Demolition and recycling phase completed for first major closure project for Rio Tinto at Argyle Diamond Mine, WA.

Argyle Diamond Mine, WA  – Liberty Industrial has successfully achieved Practical Completion of Stage 1, a pivotal milestone in the closure of the Argyle Diamond Mine. The process was finalised in late 2023, three years into a five-year project to deliver the closure and rehabilitation of the Argyle Diamond Mine. The process included the removal of the Argyle Processing Plant, Pipeline and containment cell capping. The Argyle Diamond Mine Closure project is the first entire closure project for the region.

With strategic planning, full lifecycle approach and successful collaboration with Rio Tinto Closure Team, SP1 delivered a comprehensive closure scope that involved Early Contractor Involvement, technical infrastructure demolition, industry leading waste management, and collaborative land rehabilitation.

During this process, Liberty Industrial prepared ferrous material and non-ferrous material for recycling at Wyndam Port in WA. The ferrous material yielded recycling rates over 95%, in line with company standards and commitments. These impressive volumes are thanks to a sophisticated approach to the demolition strategy and treatment of the materials to deliver as much volume as possible back to the circular economy.

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) materials were recycled using a special approach, with the HDPE materials broken down and segregated into various waste classifications and melted and processed for reuse in purposes such as HDPE piping and fittings, sewerage, storm water and potable water products.

“The recycling of both ferrous and non-ferrous materials plays a pivotal role in major demolition projects like Argyle, contributing significantly to environmental sustainability and resource conservation goals. By incorporating a robust recycling strategy in demolition projects, Liberty Industrial is significantly minimising waste to landfill and addressing the environmental hazards linked to improper disposal” said Project Manager, Paul Gilligan.  

The strategic approach to the process increased efficiencies, maximised safety and allowed Liberty Industrial to deliver the scale of the project successfully. 

Liberty Industrial leveraged its innovative approach ethos and expertise to combine the most efficient use of equipment and staging with world-class fleet of equipment inclusive of Liberty Industrial’s purpose-built high reach demolition machines. 

“Our use of the world’s leading machinery, advanced ASI 3D modelling and unwavering commitment to stringent project safety and engineering controls, reflects our dedication to achieving a seamless and technically proficient closure, enabling us to reach our targets on time and without incident.” Paul Gilligan. 

Liberty Industrial safely completed the high-risk demolition of the Argyle processing plant infrastructure by Q2 2022. In June 2023, Liberty Industrial was awarded the Global Rio Tinto Safety Award for Best Contract Partner for their work at the Argyle and Gove closure sites.  

Simultaneously, Liberty Industrials’ engagement with Traditional Owners prioritised cultural heritage assessments, community consultation, long term training and development as well as building capability beyond Argyle, further emphasising commitment to respecting Indigenous connections to the land.

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