Virtual Reality makes for Smooth Operators

Virtual Reality makes for Smooth Operators

Virtual Reality makes for Smooth Operators

Liberty Industrial invests in state of the art excavator training simulation technology

Liberty Industrial has invested in a state-of-the-art Volvo excavator training simulator. The simulator will travel between Liberty Industrial’s project sites in a purpose built trailer unit that has been converted into a mobile training centre.The latest in excavator simulation training technology, the Volvo Advanced Training Simulator 5.0, will provide Liberty Industrial’s Operators with a training experience so realistic it’s comparable to training in real machine.

Inspired by aviation industry simulation training, the simulator allows the operator to immerse themselves in a realistic virtual experience. The simulator features a high definition screen featuring realistic graphics and sounds, and a full motion platform incorporating movement and vibration that mimics the experience of operating a machine in a true-to-life scenario.

Operators will navigate simulated demolition, remediation and civil environments, undertaking a range of different virtual excavator operation training exercises such as shearing, sorting, processing, breaking, earth moving, rock handling and high reach demolition training.

The simulator will provide Liberty Industrial’s Trainee Operators with a realistic experience and help them to become accustomed to the operating environment and support them in developing and honing their skills before training in real machines.

Even Liberty Industrial’s most experienced Plant Operators will benefit from simulation training, with the opportunity to perfect certain skills, broaden their skill set by learning more advanced techniques.

Liberty Industrial Director, Simon Gill said that the simulation based training provides many advantages. “Well trained Operators are key to maximising efficiency and productivity on our sites.”

“Putting new operators on simulators before putting them on real machines minimises the risks and costs associated with training in live machines. In addition to reducing the obvious safety risks associated with inexperienced operators training in live plant, it will also free up machinery for project delivery rather than training exercises”.

“It will be environmentally friendly and cost effective over the long run too” he adds. “The simulation training will train our Operators to operate the machine in the most fuel efficient way, reducing emissions and fuel costs as well.”

“This initiative aligns with the Liberty Industrial ethos of leveraging innovative solutions to make the demolition, remediation and civil contracting environment safer and more efficient. It also supports our risk minimisation strategy which involves the removal of personnel from the work face where possible.”

Liberty Industrial is the first Australian contractor to invest in this kind of excavator simulation training equipment, with the only other known excavator simulators in Australia being owned and operated by peak Australian civil construction industry body, the Civil Contractors Federation.

The Australian civil contracting industry is already experiencing a skilled labour shortage and the Civil Contractors Federation are predicting further shortfalls in skilled blue collar roles such as Plant Operators over the coming years as a number of major infrastructure projects ramp up.

“Investment in personnel training and development has never been more important. This technology will help us stay ahead of the game,” said Simon.

“The greatest challenge for the industry at the moment is to ensure that we have the skills and people to cater for the growth in the project pipeline. The success of these projects is underpinned by ensuring a suitably qualified workforce is able to be mobilised”.

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