New Water Treatment Plant Has Flow On Effect

New Water Treatment Plant Has Flow On Effect

New Water Treatment Plant Has Flow On Effect

Liberty Industrial has completed the successful commissioning of one of their two owned-and-operated high flow rate Chemically Enhanced Dual Media Water Treatment Plants.

Capable of treating a variety of contaminants such as heavy metals, PFAS and organic and inorganic pollutants to levels below laboratory reporting limits. The water quality produced allows for beneficial on-site reuse or discharge to the environment in areas that have the highest level of protection.

The Chemically Enhanced Absorption and Filtration Dual Media Water Treatment Plant is fully programmable and automated, allowing for consistent results for a wide range of treatment scenarios – all at a reduced cost.

It is also proven to be highly flexible in its application, with the media capable of being adapted to suit a variety of project requirements.

Recognising the potential of this technology, Liberty Industrial’s General Manager, David Wood alongside Project Director, Dave Wall and Principal Environmental Engineer, John Stevanoni have been working collaboratively to design, procure and commission this equipment for use on future projects.

Making its debut on-site at the Port Kembla Gas Terminal project this past month, the new Plant is being used to treat a variety of existing, and potential contaminants without delay and added confidence to meet the sites strict Environmental Protection Licence (EPL). Achieving flow rates up to 20 litres per second, within a reduced footprint, has proved very beneficial in providing readily accessible water for reuse onsite.

As a company, we are committed to exemplary environmental compliance and stewardship, so our goal of environmental sustainability always underpins our business practices.

While the acquisition of this technology creates significant economic value for our clients, its ability to reduce our environmental impact through increased sustainability credentials is what keeps us committed to our pursuit of excellence and innovation in our project delivery.

If you would like to learn more about Liberty Industrial’s Water Treatment Capabilities, we encourage you to reach out to Principal Environmental Engineer, John Stevanoni via

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