Mission Complete for Air Liquide

Mission Complete for Air Liquide

Mission Complete for Air Liquide

In the final quarter of 2021, Air Liquide commissioned Liberty Industrial to dismantle and salvage the Gladstone Air Separation Unit (ASU) Plant and other site facilities that produced liquid oxygen and nitrogen, located within Rio Tinto’s fully operational Yarwun Refinery.

Due to the severity of the COVID-19 crisis in India (particularly in rural regions), the ASU plant was destined to provide COVID-19 relief and an additional supply of medical-grade oxygen to Intensive Care Units during the third wave of the pandemic.

Working at the height of the 2021 global pandemic, the team faced several unique challenges, and a tight deadline was further complicated by pre-determined shipping dates for the salvage works and an extensive – and unexpected – number of wet days. The plant was also located in a small site that required careful planning to coordinate movements of personnel, plant, and equipment within a live facility – safely and effectively.

A highly detailed project schedule was developed before project commencement to meet the critical dates for salvage works and overall project completion. Liberty’s senior management was actively involved for the duration of the project to address and mitigate the challenges imposed by COVID-19 restrictions.

To meet international shipping standards and reassembly in the destination country, all salvage items required highly considered methodologies for disassembly, packing, and freight to ensure minimal intervention was required on delivery.

The most challenging infrastructure for disassembly was a 45m tall Cold Box – a large fridge-like plant used to separate the oxygen and nitrogen from the atmosphere. For the disassembled infrastructure to be road and sea-worthy, the Cold Box had to be split into two sections utilising precision hot works at height and a critical dual-crane lift involving the use of a 450-tonne crane with a ‘mega-wing’.

The project team utilised comprehensive Work Method Statements following our structural engineering solutions to ensure a safe outcome of the dismantling activities were completed safely and effectively.

Liberty Industrial overcame a challenging project through diligent planning, engineering, and utilisation of our extensive contractor network. We successfully mobilised and managed a team of highly qualified and experienced local sub-contractors to undertake the specific scope of works, which inadvertently supported the local Queensland economy during trying times.

We are delighted to share the project was completed to schedule, within budget and without incident or injury

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