Liberty Industrial’s oil and gas decommissioning promotes a circular economy

Liberty Industrial’s oil and gas decommissioning promotes a circular economy

Liberty Industrial provides the oil and gas industry with bespoke decommissioning services, using its wealth of experience from successfully delivering technically complex onshore and offshore projects in Australia and abroad.

Liberty Industrial embraces the ethos of net-zero decommissioning, ensuring the principles of the circular economy are implemented and end-of-life opportunities to repurpose, reuse, and recycle are created.The company has a proven track record of environmentally sustainable practices, routinely achieving upwards of 95 to 98 per cent recovery, as well as delivering positive environmental outcomes and creating value for its project stakeholders.

Its expertise allows for the responsible decommissioning of oil and gas facilities and ensures the principles of the circular economy are adhered to. This has been further realised through the development of a bespoke decommissioning hub on the west coast of Australia that is purpose-built to meet the needs of the onshore and offshore oil and gas asset decommissioning market.

As an industrial demolition specialist, Liberty Industrial provides long-term closure concepts, budgets, and redevelopment strategies for redundant assets, as well as providing reports in compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards.

Each project undertaken is assessed using a risk-based approach to ensure the safest and most environmentally-friendly methodologies are executed. This is realised through Liberty Industrial’s Demolition Risk Assessment Workshop (DRAW) process which is designed to reduce the residual risks to acceptable levels.

This early risk mitigation-based approach demonstrates industry best practices but also presents an opportunity to leverage past project experience across multiple industries.
The company also has the exclusive Australian proprietary license to operate the Extreme Loading for Structures (ELS) software, developed by Applied Sciences International (ASI) based in the United States.

This provides Liberty Industrial with the ability to predict the breaking, separating and crack propagation of structures – currently not replicated by other software.
The technology is currently being utilised on an upcoming oil and gas decommissioning project for a large offshore field. It has allowed the team to simulate and model the pre-weakening works involved with the separation of jacket and topside structures, before undertaking any work.

Having this technology at their disposal demonstrates to stakeholders the benefits of reducing the risks associated with working at heights and hot works for extended periods, and ensures the majority of work can be completed safely at ground level.

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