Liberty Industrial wins World Demolition Award Three Years Running

Liberty Industrial wins World Demolition Award Three Years Running

Liberty Industrial wins World Demolition Award Three Years Running

Liberty Industrial have won the Contract of the Year Under US$1M Award at the at the 2016 World Demolition Awards for their Duck River Bridge Dismantling Project carried out for Viva Energy Australia (“Viva Energy”) earlier this year.

The award recognises high profile demolition projects that imposed major challenges to successful completion or required an innovative demolition approach. The project was commended by the judges for its complexity, tight timeframe, meticulous planning and execution.

The project involved the removal of a redundant 70 metre pipe bridge over the Duck River at Viva Energy’s Clyde Terminal (the former Clyde Refinery). The bridge was lifted onto a barge, floated down Duck River and landed at the Terminal wharf using a combination of mobile cranes.

Careful planning and precision execution was paramount to the successful delivery of the project. Access to the bridge with a barge and tug boats was dictated by tidal constraints leaving a narrow window of opportunity to access Duck River and dismantle the bridge. The crew also faced the challenge of carefully navigating critical infrastructure en route.

Two other Liberty Industrial projects were shortlisted as finalists for this year’s awards. Liberty Industrial’s Clyde Refinery Removal Project was shortlisted in the Contract of the Year over US$1M category and their Hamilton Wharves Demolition project was a finalist in the Civil Demolition Award category.

This is the third consecutive year that Liberty Industrial have won a World Demolition Award.

They took out the Industrial Demolition Award alongside the overall World Demolition Award in 2014 and the Explosive Demolition Award in 2015.

“Being recognised with a World Demolition Award is the highest honour a company in the demolition industry can receive. We are thrilled to be able to bring one home three years in a row” said Clinton Dick, Director of Liberty Industrial.

Liberty Industrial Director, Simon Gill, said “The quality of projects competing for the awards is very high. This win for the third consecutive year reaffirms the high standard of the projects that Liberty Industrial are routinely delivering.

Viva Energy Distribution and Engineering Manager, Vince Neville, congratulated Liberty Industrial on the win. “The Liberty Industrial team were meticulous in planning and executing the demolition and given the outstanding result from a safety and environmental perspective, the recognition they have received is certainly warranted,” said Vince.

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