Liberty Industrial save client potential millions in contaminated soil treatment costs

Liberty Industrial save client potential millions in contaminated soil treatment costs

Liberty Industrial save client potential millions in contaminated soil treatment costs

Liberty Industrial recently conducted a PFAS soil stabilisation trial for a client that involved a comparative assessment of stabilisation reagents and dose optimisation, with the objective of determining the most cost-effective option for the management of PFAS impacted soil on their site.

While previous trials conducted by a third party had determined a reagent and additive ratio for the treatment of PFAS contaminated soil at the site, Liberty Industrial’s project team, led by Principal Environmental Engineer John Stevanoni, was able to demonstrate that a 75% reduction in costs per tonne of PFAS impacted soil could be achieved while still meeting project objectives and complying with relevant legislative and regulatory requirements.

Soil properties, natural organic matter and co-contaminants can have a significant impact on the performance and cost-effectiveness of a proposed treatment solution so Liberty Industrial’s team worked collaboratively with the client’s Geotechnical Engineer and Environmental Consultant, to assess treatment performance against soil and contaminant variations and gave a complete project specific solution.

Liberty Industrial’s General Manager David Wood said these trials showcases Liberty Industrial’s commitment to cost effective and innovative remediation solutions.

“We work proactively with our clients to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions. Liberty Industrial is not bound to use inhouse or proprietary reagents and as such we offer our clients more tailored and specialised solutions.” said Wood.

Liberty Industrial is currently involved in several other contaminated land remediation and waste recovery trials in progress including a hydrocarbon bioremediation treatment trial and a manufactured growth media trial.

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