Liberty Industrial retain exclusive rights to cutting edge demolition simulation and modelling technology

Liberty Industrial retain exclusive rights to cutting edge demolition simulation and modelling technology

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Liberty Industrial will remain the exclusive Australian licence holder for Extreme Loading for Structures demolition modelling and simulation software in 2020.

Extreme Loading for Structures Software, developed by Applied Science International, is a unique simulation technology for three dimensionally modelling and analysing the demolition of structures.

As the exclusive Australian agent for Applied Sciences International, Liberty Industrial are able to model structures and simulate proposed demolition methodologies prior to the execution of the demolition.

The software enables Liberty Industrial to model specific demolition scenarios long before physical works take place.

Liberty Industrial Director Clinton Dick highlighted the advantages of Liberty Industrial’s demolition modelling and simulation capability.

“By modelling a structure and simulating the demolition we can test several demolition hypotheses. The software allows us to test what will happen in any given demolition scenario.”

“Simulating our proposed demolition methodology allows us to refine our methodology and demonstrate to our risk averse clients and other key project stakeholders, how a structure will react, well in advance of executing the task.”

Liberty Industrial has a longstanding relationship with Applied Science International and has been the exclusive Australian licence holder for the unique Extreme Loading simulation software since 2008.

During that time Liberty Industrial has used the software to model and simulate some of the most technically challenging demolition undertakings carried out in Australia to date such as the 104 metre high, 40,000 tonne Boodarie Hot Briquette Iron Reactor structure, 75 metre high, 1700 tonne HiSmelt Kwinana Preheater structure and the 65 metre tall, 1,500 tonne Clyde Refinery Reactor and Stripper structure.

More information about Liberty Industrial’s demolition modelling and simulation capability is available via this link.

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