Liberty Industrial at D&A AUS 2024

Liberty Industrial at D&A AUS 2024

Liberty Industrial again proudly participated in multiple touchpoints at the D&A AUS 2024 in Perth on the 19th June, proving our ongoing commitment to the decommissioning industry.  

Liberty Industrial Decommissioning Manager, Jed Van Iersel, and Decommissioning Project Manager, Warwyck Smith, delivered an insightful presentation that unpacked lessons learned from Liberty Industrial’s recent experience, locally and internationally. They provided guidance on developing robust strategies to navigate and mitigate risk for timely and cost-effective project delivery;  

  • Optimised facility management – delivering a subject matter expert service for onshore facility development, including multi-use and multi-purpose facilities to handle the scope or work and demand.  
  • Centre of excellence – the benefits of meticulous planning, strong and collaborative early stakeholder engagement to allow adaptive problem solving and fit for purpose solutions that match the requirements of the project and client needs.  
  • Focus on Sustainability – prioritising the circular economy for local and industrial reuse for a variety of industries.  


At Liberty Industrial, we’re dedicated to advancing decommissioning excellence. At D&A AUS 2024, Liberty Industrial shared recent insights, strategies, and lessons learned; focusing on enhancing risk mitigation, optimising facility management, fostering collaborative stakeholder engagement, and promoting sustainability in project delivery.”

Jed Van Iersel, Decommissioning Manager

Additionally, Jed’s presence on the Knowledge, Resource and Technology Gaps panel,alongside peers and moderator Shaun Sadler from CODA allowed us to discuss insights on addressing the skills gap and leveraging like-for-like industries.   

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