Future Proofing our Regions

Future Proofing our Regions

Future Proofing our Regions

Liberty Industrial undertakes major demolition and remediation projects in remote locations throughout Australia, and we understand that a successful project is always underpinned by our ability to ensure a suitably qualified workforce can be mobilised or locally trained.

This is grounded by a business strategy focused on mutually beneficial initiatives for engaging local and Indigenous communities and is realised through procurement policies and procedures that reflect our long-term commitment to ensuring locally owned and operated businesses – and individuals – share the economic and capacity building benefits these projects bring to these regions.

As a reflection of our ongoing commitment to Local and Indigenous inclusion, Liberty Industrial has developed and implemented comprehensive training and capacity building initiatives to ensure the availability of competent and suitably qualified personnel at our Argyle Diamond Mine Closure Project, located in the remote East Kimberley region of Western Australia.

As part of a working partnership with our client, we are proud to be delivering the project with just over 25% of the workforce identified from the local Indigenous and Traditional Owner communities. The project has also involved an extensive program of Cultural Awareness and Diversity Training for all project personnel for the duration of the project. The training program is being delivered by respected Miriwoong and Gija Traditional Owners.

With works commenced in mid-2021, Liberty Industrial was able to offer full-time Traineeships to three (3) enthusiastic Indigenous employees – Galvin Smiler, Con Mitchell, and Darcy King.

They are currently undertaking Site-Based Demolition Traineeships with a focus on upskilling in plant and equipment and internal training including HSEQ. When asked about their favourite part of working as part of the Demolition team at the Argyle Diamond Mine Site, Galvin explained:

“We are a trusted part of the project team. We were given the responsibility to protect the Boab Trees and boreholes across the demolition site… Not every day is the same. We can do a range of different tasks between each week (or even each day)!”

With ambitions to become large excavator operators, Galvin, Con and Darcy agreed they are looking forward to more training on the telehandler and of course, jumping into the Volvo Simulator to give some of the virtual modules a whirl.

Traineeships, like those offered at the Argyle Diamond Mine Closure project, combine training and paid employment that comprises practical work skills with structured training leading to a nationally recognised qualification. Most trainees will move directly to full-time employment within Liberty Industrial, while others may progress to an Apprenticeship program. Liberty Industrial’s WA Manager, Brett Kirby shares:

“Liberty Industrial is proud to welcome as part of the Argyle Closure Team, three new local Indigenous team members to the position as Demolition Trainees. It is our privilege to provide and promote career opportunities to the Indigenous youth of the Kimberleys and to further develop their skill-sets within our unique Industry”.

All Liberty Industrial training programs are nationally accredited following the Australian Qualifications Framework and registered through a Registered Training Organisation.

This ensures skills acquired are recognised and transferable to other workplaces nationally, which will assist to reduce the impact of the current and forecasted industry skills shortage.
As a socially responsible organisation, we are committed to supporting the Australian economy and providing sustainable capacity-building opportunities for the regions we work in. If you would like to find out more about Liberty Industrial’s Local Procurement Strategies or Trainee and Apprenticeship opportunities, we encourage you to reach out to Liberty Industrial’s National HSEQ & Training Manager, John Harris.

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